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All The Way Home

Bravery on the Home Front

To tell them to “Have a nice day” is silly ... but  maybe we can put them in a place where they will have a nice day.

       --Trapper  Badovinac,  Volunteer fishing guide

Strung together with a series of moving interviews, the film becomes a conversation many of us never get the chance to have - and a tool for these soldiers to help them heal. The work transcends filmmaking and serves effectively as a community service. Some soldiers in the film have used the film to approach the subject with members of their own families.

                         -- Cellophane Sixty Six

At some point when we’re traveling down the river for five days, I know  there is nothing better I could be doing with my life than being with these guys

    -- Mike Geary,  Volunteer Outfitter

All the Way Home; Bravery on the Home Front is raw and honest, powerful and disturbing. It is a wakeup call for Americans to create healing spaces for our veterans                      --- Cable Muse

All The Way Home" is an incredible look into the heart of these men who have been through more than most of us can comprehend and you find yourself hoping and praying that they all make it out to the other side.     - Homefront Six




One of the hardest things vets and their families need to do after the experiences of war is to have a conversation. This film is the beginning of that conversation and serves as a helpful tool for families to recconnect after extrodinary experiences. Veterans' personal stories of war and the resulting challenges for them and their families after their return home are told in a straight forward no-nonsense way. 


If you're a vet, it helps to know there are others out there having similar experiences. If your loved one is a vet, this might help you understand where they are coming from.  

It's also great to know that people care. 


Montana fishing outfitter Mike Geary, inspired by news reports, organized fly fishing trips for disabled veterans down one of the American West’s most isolated rivers with a team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the trip an unforgettably positive experience. 

The strength of character on display by both the veterans and the volunteers who serve them is inspiring. 

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