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Writer/Producer/Director - Edward Nachtrieb



Edward Nachtrieb is an award-winning producer, photographer, writer, and director/cameraman whose background includes documentaries, television series, public service outreach, and independent film.


Nachtrieb began his career in the 1980s as a photojournalist for Reuters News Pictures in Asia. He covered stories throughout the region, including the Philippine’s People Power Revolution, political unrest in Korea, and refugees escaping war in Sri Lanka. As Reuters Chief Photographer in China, he smuggled film out of Tibet, helped uncover previously unreported unrest in Xinjiang, and led a photo team that covered the pro-democracy movement from the first student protests to the bloody crackdown in Tiananmen Square.


Back in the United States in the 1990s, he formed a production company in New Mexico with a portfolio that included award-winning television commercials, public service documentaries, and outreach programs for the State of New Mexico and Native American tribes.  After moving to Los Angeles in 1997, he worked in television as a writer, producer, and director. Among his credits, he was Supervising Producer/Director John Ratzenberger’s Made in America (Travel Channel); Executive Producer/Director of the acclaimed Small Shots (TNN/Spike); and a comedy Director for Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC).


Nachtrieb's documentaries include All the Way Home: Bravery on the Home Front, which was screened for the House Veterans Affairs Committee in Washington DC and raised money for veterans’ support groups; A Measure of Justice about the International Court for the Former Yugoslavia; and A Flash of Green about the extraordinary WW2 experiences of Charles McCandless.. 

Other recent projects include a set of collaborative works with artist Shepard Fairey entitled Revolution in our Time and Long Live the People as well as a slate of independent films including A Flash of Green; Windows of Time; and Anton West: Savior Genius.  

American Advertising Association - Addy Award Best Commerical 1993 Bueno Foods

" Do You Know Where Your Tortilla Was Last Night?"

Best Music Video NAIRD - 1993

Robby Bee, SOAR Records

"Boyz from the Rez"

Slamdance Film Festival 1996

Figarua da Foz

Uppsala Short Film Festival

Sao Paulo Festival

"My Two Heads"

American Advertising Association - 

Best Commerical 1994 

Horizon Hospital


People Magazine: Best of TV 2001

"Small Shots" 


People Magazine: Best Show of the Week;

"Small Shots" Aug 2001


Palm Springs Short Film Festival 2008:

"Pitch Season" 

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Arizona Chapter

1997 Rocky Mountain Emmy

Outstanding Current Issue Documentary

"Man to Man"

US House of Representatives, Veterans Affairs Committee

2009 Capitol Hill screening and Q and A for full committeee and invited guests:

"All The Way Home"

GI Film Festival 2020

Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival

Black Hills Film Festival

"A Flash of Green" 

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